Beautiful wedding at Parley Manor in Bournemouth

I love it when you get the professional photos from a wedding and there is so many beautiful images but it also makes it harder to choose just a few to show.

The wedding venue is Parley Manor in Bournemouth and what a beautiful setting it is which you will see from some of the photos I've chosen for my blog and portfolio.

Makeup is by myself and hair is done by Nicky Wyatt Hair. Beautiful music by Ben Vuckovic and Peppermint Loves Photography took these amazing photos.

The beautiful dress is from Brides by Victoria - a fitting name as it is also the name of the Bride!


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Picture of Peppermint Love Photography

Peppermint Love Photography


I have been creating beautiful wedding memories for more than 5 years now and I would be delighted to welcome you as a new client. I strive to make photography the easiest part of wedding planning and I look forward to exceeding your expectations with both: my artistry and one-of-a-kind service!

Picture of Nicky Wyatt Hair

Nicky Wyatt Hair


Hi I'm Nicky Wyatt. Proud owner of Nicky Wyatt Hair and of the strap line 'Hairdresser with a heart'.

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